- 硕士学位  

Q: Is the GT degree that you offer in Shenzhen a regular GT degree?

A: Yes. The MS degree that we offer at GT-Shenzhen is the same as what we offer at GT-Atlanta. GT-Shenzhen and GT-Atlanta impose the same admission and degree requirements. Courses are taken from the GT course catalog and are taught in English by GT professors or adjunct professors. The main differences are: location, student body demographics, and tuition rate.

Q: Does the diploma indicate that it is for the Shenzhen or China campus?

A:No, the diploma does not contain words about Shenzhen or China. All diplomas are issued from the Georgia Tech Registrar’s Office in Atlanta and they look identical to those that are earned by GT-Atlanta students.

Q: Tianjin University is the sponsor of this program on the Chinese side. Is the degree a joint degree with Tianjin University?

A:No, this is not a joint degree program. Students will receive a standard Georgia Tech MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. There will be up to 20 students in the program who are dual-enrolled at Tianjin University and at Georgia Tech and these students will receive both the Tianjin University and the Georgia Tech graduate degrees, but the two degrees are completely independent of each other. For the vast majority of students (up to 100) in this program, they will be only studying with Georgia Tech faculty in Shenzhen.

Q: Will the Chinese government recognize my GT diploma if I only studied in Shenzhen?

Yes. According to relevant regulations of the Chinese government, the diploma that you will receive from the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program will be recognized because this is a program approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE). Our permit number is MOE44US1A20131462N. Once you have enrolled in the program, we will submit your information to the MOE database. When you receive your GT diploma, you can apply for your diploma to be certified by the MOE because there is a record of your enrollment in this MOE approved program.

Q: Who will be my thesis advisor in the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program?

A: We will only implement the non-thesis option for the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program meaning you only need to take 30 credit hours of GT coursework according to the MS ECE degree requirements and no thesis is required. If you take a professor’s course and do well in the course, you may approach the professor and ask for research tasks to gain research experience – this can be done informally and will not lead to an MS thesis.

Q: Is the GT ECE non-thesis MS degree inferior to the thesis MS degree?

A: No. Whether you choose the thesis or the non-thesis option, you earn the same MS degree / diploma. For the non-thesis option, 30 credit hours of coursework are required. For the thesis option, 18 credit hours of coursework are required; an additional 12 hours are credited towards thesis work. The vast majority of GT – Atlanta ECE Masters students choose the non-thesis option. At GT-Shenzhen, only the non-thesis option is offered.

Q: On the ECE graduate application form, we were asked to select two Technical Interest Areas (TIAs). Do we have to take most of our courses under those TIAs?

A: No. The TIAs you indicate on the application form are meant to help faculty members identify students interested in their areas of research. Those selections are not binding for your degree. In fact, to fulfill the MS ECE degree requirements, you will need to select courses from a minimum of three TIAs.

Q: For the “Minor” component of the ECE MS degree requirements, can the 6 credit hours of coursework be from two different disciplines (for example, CS and ISyE)?

A: No. The 6 hours (usually two 3-hour courses) must be from a single discipline outside of ECE.

Q: I will receive my GT MS degree in May. When will I be getting the diploma?

A: According to the information for degree candidates, diplomas are mailed out approximately 6-8 weeks after the graduation ceremony. Add another 2-4 weeks time for the parcel to reach you in China by regular air mail. The physical size of the diploma is quite large, so it will be rolled up in a tube and shipped as a parcel. By the time that you receive the diploma, it may be July or August.

Q: How do I receive the GT diploma?

A: The diploma will be sent to you by mail. Please enter an accurate shipping address where you can receive your diploma approximately 2-3 months after the degree date. Instructions for entering the Diploma Mailing Address are given below:
Go to
Select “Secured Access Login”
Select “Personal Information”
Select “Update Address & Phone”
Select “Diploma Mailing” from the pull-down list at the bottom of the page
Be sure to enter the diploma mailing address before the end of the term in which you plan to graduate.
If you do not feel that regular international air mail is very reliable, you may consider having the diploma shipped to a friend’s address in the US, and then have the friend send the diploma to you using a secure delivery service such as DHL, Federal Express etc.

Q: I am a current GT-Shenzhen student and have submitted my degree petition materials. I am looking for a job (or PhD position) and the prospective employer requires me to provide a “degree pending verification”. How do I do that?

A: You will need to complete two forms. First, the “Change of Anticipated Graduation Date” form as explained here. The expected date of graduation was automatically calculated at the time of acceptance – correct it if necessary to reflect your actual progress. Next, follow the instructions posted here to request a verification of pending degree. A sample completed form is shown here. You should send in both forms, and only after you have submitted your degree petition materials.

Q: I am a recent GT-Shenzhen graduate. I have not received my GT diploma yet but my employer requires me to provide proof of my GT degree. How do I do that?

A: There is now a new online service that allows you to print your degree verification. Follow instructions on the Registrar’s Degree Verification page.

Q: I am a recent GT-Shenzhen graduate. It has been over 3 months and I have not received my GT diploma yet. I am afraid the address I entered may have been incorrect. How do I reorder?

A: The diploma reorder form is located on the Forms & Student Records page of the Registrar’s website. There is a $100 replacement fee.
You may mail your form and fee to:

Georgia Institute of Technology
Office of the Registrar – Degree Certification
225 North Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0315 USA

Due to the unreliability of US mail to China, we suggest you provide a US caretaker’s address on the diploma reorder form and have the caretaker express mail to China for you.

Q: I am a recent GT-Shenzhen graduate and my employer requires me to provide an official GT transcript. How do I do that?

A: As soon as your degree has been awarded, you can order a GT transcript that shows your GT degree. Look for the “Georgia Tech Degrees Granted” section of the transcript. If it is written “MSECE ECE 201505”, it means you have been awarded the MSECE degree by the Electrical & Computer Engineering program in the Summer 2015 term. The term code has the format yyyy0x, where yyyy is the 4-digit year, x=2 for spring, x=5 for summer, x=8 for fall.
Follow the Registrar’s instructions for ordering your transcripts via the web.
(i) You can ask for the transcript to be mailed directly to any organization that requires it by entering that entity’s mailing address.
(ii) You can receive a transcript that is addressed to you.
(iii) You can have the transcript mailed to the GT-Shenzhen office: Chelcea Warren, Georgia Tech – Shenzhen Program Coordinator, 777 Atlantic Dr., Atlanta, GA 30332-0250. Our Atlanta office sends express mail packages regularly to our Shenzhen office and can add your transcript to the mail.

- 申请 & 录取  

Q: Can I apply to both GT-Atlanta and GT-Shenzhen?

A:For each major, you have to choose one campus. For different majors, you can choose different campuses by filling out separate applications and paying separate sets of fees. For example, you cannot apply to both ECE in GT-Atlanta and ECE in GT-Shenzhen, but you can apply to CS in GT-Atlanta and ECE in GT-Shenzhen. Even though the admission requirements are the same for GT-Atlanta and GT-Shenzhen, many qualified students are denied by GT-Atlanta each year because of space limitations.

Q: I have previously applied to GT-Atlanta, and have just learned about the GT-Shenzhen program. Can I transfer my application from GT-Atlanta to GT-Shenzhen?

A:We can transfer your GT-Atlanta application to GT-Shenzhen within the same discipline. For example, if you had applied to GT-Atlanta ECE, but want to switch to GT-Shenzhen ECE, we can transfer your application easily – just email GT-Shenzhen your first name, last name, GTID and your planned enrollment term for GT-Shenzhen (Spring, Summer or Fall), we will then coordinate the transfer of your application. On the other hand, if you had applied to GT-Atlanta Computer Science (in the College of Computing) for example, but want to be considered by GT-Shenzhen ECE instead, your online application cannot be switched over, and you will need to complete a new online application and pay another online application fee. This is because ECE has its own discipline-specific form that must be completed as part of the online application. We can retrieve the TOEFL, GRE scores and the transcripts from your first application however so you only need to contact ETS for one set of scores and submit one set of transcripts.

Q: The TOEFL, GRE expectations are described in What about TWE or TSE?

A:We do not look at the TWE score or the TSE score at this point.

Q: I have taken IELTS (International English Language Testing System) but not TOEFL. Can you accept my IELTS score in lieu of TOEFL?

A: No. We do not accept any substitute for TOEFL.

Q: You require a minimum GPA of 3.25 for admission to the MS degree program in ECE. How should I estimate my GPA since my university does not report course performance using the letter grade basis?

A: Unless your university specifies a different conversation table on your transcript, you can use the following conversion rule. On a 100-point scale, Score of 85-100: grade=A (4.0 point); Score of 75-84: grade=B (3.0 point); Score of 60-74: grade=C (2.0 point); Score of 0-59: grade=F (0 point). Note: There is not a D grade in the above conversion. Here is an explanation on how to average the grade points to arrive at the GPA (grade point average).

Q: The Registrar’s Office at my university offers two options for transcripts: one that does not display the GPA, one that does. Which option should I take?

A: Take the option that does NOT display the GPA. Most Chinese universities do not take into account all courses in the GPA calculation (such as omitting the elective courses), so the GPA shown on the transcript is usually different from the GPA that Georgia Tech would arrive at. Georgia Tech counts all courses shown on the transcripts, except for pass/fail courses, in the GPA calculation. In order to avoid confusion and unintended consequences, it is better that you take the option that does NOT show the GPA on your transcripts. We will calculate your GPA “in-house” at Georgia Tech.

Q: The GPA entered for me in the OSCAR system is lower than what my university said my GPA is. Could you please use the GPA as determined by my university?

A: Georgia Tech evaluates all international transcripts in-house. We use a 4.0 scale whereas your university may use a different scale. If using the conversion method as described above, you arrive at a very different GPA, you can let us know.

Q: My undergraduate university has a reputation for grading harshly. Do you use different grade conversion tables for different universities?

A: Unless your university specifies a different conversion table on the transcript, Georgia Tech uses the grade conversion method described above for Chinese university transcripts.

Q: My university gives GPA on the 3.3 point basis, and mine is 2.7. Should I enter 2.7 as my current GPA?

A: Please use the guideline described above to re-calculate your GPA on the 4.0 basis and supply with your online GT application. The GT Graduate Admissions Office will calculate again to verify your GPA once they receive the official transcripts.

Q: Do you include elective courses in the GPA calculation?

A: Except for courses that are graded on the pass/fail basis, all other courses (including elective courses) shown on your transcript are included in the GPA calculation.

Q: My university reports some of our grades on the letter grade basis. Do you convert those letter grades?

A: If your university uses the A, B, C, D, F letter grade system, we will use those grades “as is” in calculating the GPA. If your university uses the A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-,D+, D, D-, F letter grade system, we will convert (A+, A-) to A, (B+, B-) to B, (C+, C-) to C, and (D+, D-) to D, before calculating the GPA.

Q: What are the institute and department codes to use when requesting ETS to send official TOEFL and GRE score reports for my GT-Shenzhen application?

A: The Institute Code for Georgia Tech is 5248. For GRE score reports, the ECE department code is 1201-1204 (any one of these numbers will work). For TOEFL score reports, the ECE department code is 66.

Q: I took the TOEFL / GRE test in October and asked ETS to send my official score reports to GT. Now it is already January and it seems you still have not received my official score report. Do you know what might have happened?

A: ETS sends TOEFL and GRE score reports electronically to GT which are then written into the GT applicants database. When an online application is received, the system searches for the TOEFL and GRE scores and updates the applicant’s record. If there is any mismatch between the information you provided to GT and the information you provided to ETS (for example, the spelling of your name or the incorrect order of your first name vs. last name), the TOEFL or GRE scores will not be written to your record. If it has been at least 6 weeks since you have received ETS’ confirmation that they have sent your TOEFL or GRE score reports but those scores have not shown up on your GT record, please email GT-Shenzhen your first name, last name, along with a scanned copy of your TOEFL/GRE score report. Please inquire with ETS the cycle number or run date of your score report and forward that information to GT-Shenzhen. We will conduct a manual search based on the information shown on the scanned copy and the cycle number/run date information provided. We cannot however grant admission based on photocopy or scanned copy of TOEFL/GRE score reports.

Q: My TOEFL / GRE score will expire after 1 year. Can I apply now for the next year (not this year’s) program?

A: You can apply to our program as soon as the GT online graduate application interface has included your targeted semester in the enrollment term pull-down menu; that means we are open to receiving applications for that semester. If you have already taken the TOEFL / GRE test, make sure that you request for ETS to send your score reports to GT before they expire (ETS will not send expired scores). Once the scores are received by GT and written into our database, we can then evaluate your application and make admission decisions.

Q: On the online application form, I have to choose between I-20 for F-1 Student Visa or DS-2019 for J-1 exchange visa in order to proceed. Since Chinese students do not need visa to study at GT-Shenzhen, how should we answer this visa question?

A: The online application form is used mostly by applicants to GT-Atlanta so some of the questions may not apply to GT-Shenzhen. You do not need to answer those questions that do not apply. However, if you must choose between I-20 (for F-1 visa) or DS-2019 (for J-1 visa) in order to complete your online application, you can choose I-20, but knowing that you are a GT-Shenzhen applicant, we will not actually send you the I-20 form.

Q: My referee is having trouble accessing the online letter of recommendation.

A: As soon as you submit your online application, an email will be sent to your referees. At the bottom of that email, there should be a link that says…. (encrypted code). If there is no token (encrypted code), the referee should contact CollegeNet (ApplyWeb) or call them at +1 503-973-5213.
If the referee does not have or does not remember his/her password, he/she should follow the link with the encrypted code and then click “request a new password”. The system will then generate a password and email to the referee. He/she should save that password for future recommendation letter input for other students applying using the same online system. If the problem persists, the referee should contact CollegeNet (ApplyWeb) or call them at +1 503-973-5213.
The applicant (student) can also re-send the recommendation letter request message to the referee from his/her Activity Log. The applicant can login to the system, go to “user activity page” -> “names list” -> “take action” -> “send reminder”
Make sure that the professor’s email address works and is accepting emails. If the professor does not find the email in the Inbox, have him/her check the spam folder, bulk email folder etc as well.

Q: Can my referee send you the recommendation letter by email or air mail?

A: No. All referees must complete the online “Letter of Reference” as instructed. For the referee’s information, here is a preview of the Letter of Reference; however, the form must be completed online. We do not accept recommendation letters by email or as hardcopy.

Q: I have submitted the application online. Unfortunately, one of the referees is non-responsive. Can I replace him with another person?

A: Yes. Go to the Letters of Reference / Recommendation Status page and click on the online letters link. Login and you should then be able to make the change.

Q: Should I submit ranking certificate to enhance my chance of gaining acceptance into the GT-Shenzhen program?

A: For admission into the program, we mainly look at your GRE/TOEFL scores, GPA, recommendation letters and personal statement; ranking certificate is not required. If you wish to be considered for scholarships, you must submit original, official ranking certificate to our GT-Shenzhen office in Atlanta – see Contact Us page.

Q: On the GT graduate admissions status check page, a 5-digit zip code is needed, but the zip code of my city has 6 digits. What should I do?

A: Try using the first 5 digits of your zip code. For example, if your zip code is 200240, just enter 20024.

Q: I am an applicant to the GT-Shenzhen program. I made a mistake on my application (applied for the wrong term / selected the PhD program instead of the MS program / swapped my first name and last name / …)  Who should I contact to get the problem resolved?

A: To make a correction to an online application that has already been submitted, please write an email
To: GT-Shenzhen
Subject: GT-Shenzhen Application

Q: I have sent several email inquiries but have not received any response.

A: Our computer system gives every email a SPAM score. If the score exceeds a certain threshold, the email is labeled as SPAM. Most SPAM emails are not reviewed since there are just too many of them. Here are a few simple things you can do to lower the SPAM score of your email: (i) Include a few words about your question in the Subject line; do not leave the subject line empty; (ii) provide your full name in the email setting; (iii) avoid sending emails from certain web-based mail services (, etc).

Q: What is the likely process after I have applied?

A: After we have received all required information on your application, we will be able to proceed with admission decisions. For those applicants that we have complete information on, we will strive to make admission decisions within 3 weeks after all application materials (online application, recommendation letters, official TOEFL/GRE scores) are received by Georgia Tech.

Q: How do I submit my response to the GT-Shenzhen ECE admissions offer?

A: Please complete the form that is addressed to the Associate Chair, Graduate Affairs, School of ECE. Please sign, date, and attach a recent photo (in case you accept the admissions offer). Scan the completed form in color. Please email your decision form directly to the ECE Graduate Office by using the applicants contact form (be sure to upload the scanned decision form as an attachment).

Q: If I get accepted by GT-Shenzhen, can I turn down the application if my plans change?

A: Yes, you have the option to accept or decline the GT-Shenzhen offer by a certain date.

Q: I have encountered some application trouble that is not covered by this FAQ. What should I do?

A: Send an email to GT-Shenzhen with your first name, last name, last four digits of your application/GT ID (xxxxxx000), telephone number(s) where you may be reached, and a detailed description of the problem that you have encountered, attaching a screen-shot if possible. We will then respond with an email or phone call.

- 博士生申请  

Q: I have applied to the PhD program at University X. How do I arrange for my GT transcripts to be sent to University X?

A: Since you are in Shenzhen, you obviously will not be able to pick up your GT transcripts in person. However, transcripts can be conveniently ordered online. Follow the instructions under “Option #1” on the Registrar’s Office Ordering Transcripts page. Once logged in, you will be able to type in the address where the transcripts should be mailed. The $5.00 per transcript fee includes first-class mail postage. Allow at least one week of time for mailing within the United States, and at least three weeks of time if the transcripts are to be mailed internationally.

Q: The following is required when applying to the graduate program at University X: “A Provisional Certificate from your Registrar must give the expected month/year of graduation, if you have not yet graduated and received your diploma.” How do I obtain the provisional certificate from the GT Registrar?

A: Verification of pending degree can only be issued if you have already submitted your GT MS degree petition. Afterwards, you will need to complete two forms. First, the “Change of Anticipated Graduation Date” form as explained here. The expected date of graduation was automatically calculated at the time of acceptance – correct it if necessary to reflect your actual progress. Next, complete the Verification Request Form found on the Registrar’s website. Check “Degree Pending” under “Type of Verification”. For “Special Instructions”, indicate that you have already submitted your GT MS degree petition materials and give your expected graduation date. Write in the address of the university requesting the form. Click here for a sample completed degree pending verification request form. Once you have completed both forms, sign and date the forms, scan and email them to the Registrar’s office address printed on the form. You should send in both forms, and only after you have submitted your degree petition materials.

Q: When applying to the graduate program at University X, I am asked to provide an official “Statement of Rank in College or University Class.” How do I obtain that from the GT Registrar?

A: Complete the Verification Request Form found on the Registrar’s website. Check “Rank” under “Type of Verification”. Once you have completed, signed, and dated the form, scan and email it to the Registrar’s office address printed on the form. Click here for a sample completed rank verification request form. Your rank will be given as a number among the thousands of current GT MS students (irrespective of major), ranked according to your GPA. More information about this from the Registrar’s office.

Q: When is it a good time to contact professors regarding graduate research assistantship (GRA) positions?

A: Generally not more than 9 months before the start date of your intended PhD program, definitely not more than 12 months in advance. It is best if you wait until after you have completed at least one semester of GT courses so you have a meaningful GT GPA to talk about, before you contact the professors. If you are an ECE student and would like to come to Georgia Tech for the PhD, you should wait until after you have passed the ECE PhD prelim exam (please highlight this fact in your first communication with the professor). There is no need to mention the ECE PhD prelim exam if you contact professors in other universities, since the PhD prelim exam is a GT School of ECE exam and is only known within GT.

Q: I would like to continue my PhD studies at the School of ECE at GT-Atlanta after obtaining my MS ECE degree from GT-Shenzhen. Are there graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) positions that I can apply for?

A: The School of ECE has set aside a couple of GTA positions to help highly qualified GT-Shenzhen MSECE students to transition into the PhD program at GT-Atlanta. These GTA positions are usually for the spring semester and are for a one-semester appointment only. Besides the financial support, a GTA position is a very good opportunity to get to know GT professors and prove yourself worthy of a GRA position for the remainder of your PhD studies. You should of course do a great job to impress the professor whom you TA for. You should also take courses from 3-4 different ECE professors and do well in those courses. Hopefully you can impress the instructors well enough for them to take you on as PhD student or recommend you to another professor. For spring semester start, you must have completed all GT MS ECE degree requirements by the end of December, and have passed the ECE PhD prelim exam. Since excellent communication skills are crucial for the GTA position, strong preference is given to those who have played active roles in the GT-Shenzhen Toastmasters Club. The GTA position comes with a tuition waiver plus a GTA stipend for one semester. In order for you to receive the I-20 form (for F-1 visa) however, you must provide proof of financial support to meet any gap in estimated expenses; see the cost of attendance page for more information. Please do not apply for the GTA position if you have already secured a GRA commitment. To be considered for the GTA position, please discuss with Prof. G. Tong Zhou around early September. Please submit a resume indicating ECE PhD prelim exam results and achievements at the GT-Shenzhen Toastmasters Club.

Q: After obtaining my ECE MS degree at GT-Shenzhen, I would like to pursue the ECE PhD degree at GT-Atlanta. Do I have to re-apply?

A: If you have passed the ECE PhD preliminary exam, you can fill out a simplified internal application form in order to gain acceptance into the GT ECE PhD program. The preliminary exam is offered around mid October and again in early March. Note however, if it has been two or more semesters (including the summer) since you last enrolled at GT, you will have to apply for readmission to GT. Note that registering for the COOP 6012 course counts as enrollment for that semester.

Q: I have already passed the GT ECE PhD prelim exam. What else do I need to do in order to enroll in the GT ECE PhD degree program after I have completed my MS ECE degree at GT-Shenzhen?

A: You can fill out a simplified internal application form in order to gain acceptance into the GT ECE PhD program. However, admission does not imply financial aid. As of Spring’2014, tuition and fees for full-time graduate students amount to $14,861 per semester. Unless you have means to pay for this yourself, you will need to contact individual professors to seek Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) positions in their laboratories. Once you receive the GRA offer letter from a professor, the GT-Shenzhen office can help coordinate your I-20 form and switch your campus from GT-Shenzhen to GT-Atlanta. If you plan to pay your own way for the PhD, you will need to show proof of personal funds of at least $65,133 for the 2013-2014 academic year, before the I-20 can be issued. Click here for detailed information regarding estimated cost of attendance.

Q: After I complete my GT MS ECE degree at GT-Shenzhen, I would like to pursue PhD studies in a new discipline at GT-Atlanta. Do I have to re-apply?

A: You will need to re-reply. However, since you are a current GT graduate student, you should not use the online application form for new students (the online application that you went through when you applied to GT for the first time). Each PhD program will have its own application procedures and deadlines, so please inquire with the graduate program director for the discipline of your interest. Typically, a graduate program expects the following items: discipline-specific application form, updated statement of purpose, letter(s) of recommendation, and resume. GT should already have on file (in the BANNER system) the following items so you will not need to submit again: (i) TOEFL and GRE scores; (ii) your final undergraduate transcripts and degree documents; (iii) your GT transcripts.

Q: After I complete my GT MS ECE degree at GT-Shenzhen, I would like to pursue the PhD program in the College of Computing (CoC) at GT-Atlanta. What is the application procedure?

A: The following items need to be completed and submitted by email to Mr. Kemonta Gray by December 15 of each year for matriculation in the following fall semester:
Application form for current students
– Background essay (no more than 2 pages, on what you have done in the past)
– Statement of purpose (no more than 2 pages, on what you plan to do in the future)
– Resume
Please submit the above items as one package. It is a good idea to indicate the degree program in the subject line. The application form needs to be signed, dated, and scanned.
Additionally, 3 letters of recommendation should be emailed directly from the recommenders to Mr. Kemonta Gray by December 31. The recommendation letters to CoC programs should be addressed to:
Graduate Admissions
Georgia Tech College of Computing
801 Atlantic Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280
On the application form, you need to indicate a major/program name, and two areas of interest under that major. The list of CoC degree programs can be found here. The areas of interest under each PhD program can be found here.

Q: I would like to apply to several PhD programs in CoC at GT-Atlanta to maximize my chances. Do I apply separately to each program?

A: Yes, you will need to fill out a different application form for each CoC degree program (the program name will be different and the areas of interest will be different). Your statement of purpose will likely be different for a different degree program. The background essay and resume will be the same. Package these items in one email and submit to Mr. Kemonta Gray. He will then distribute to the appropriate program committee. If you apply to multiple programs in CoC, please do not mix the different program applications in one email – send one email per application. The referees only need to send one set of recommendation letters.

Q: Does CoC admit PhD students for Spring semester start?

A: Generally no, except for the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) program. CSE does accept PhD applications for matriculation in the spring semester, with October 1 as the application deadline for receipt of all application materials including reference letters.

Q: Prof. X in the GT College of Computing (CoC) collaborates with Prof. Y in the GT School of ECE. Prof. X is willing to offer me a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) position. He appreciates my ECE background and does not mind if I remain an ECE PhD student. Prof. Y has agreed to act as my ECE co-advisor. Is this a feasible arrangement?

A: Yes. Under this arrangement, your home department is ECE and you will receive a PhD degree from ECE. Prof. Y will need to check with Prof. X prior to the start of each semester to get the updated GRA support level and account number and pass that information onto his/her accountant. Prof. Y’s accountant will then do the paperwork to ensure that your tuition waiver and your stipend are set up correctly for the following semester. It is important that there is a clear understanding between Prof. X and Prof. Y regarding who is paying the GRA and for which semesters.

- 其他问题  

Q: I cannot login to my GT computer account and cannot reset the password either. What should I do?

A: To reset an Oscar password back to your birthday (MMDDYY), students should email a request to Be sure to include your full name and GT ID# in the email request. To reset an email password, students in Shenzhen should bring identification to GT-Shenzhen Program Manager Mr. Zhiya Wang in person. Mr. Wang will then follow a required GT procedure to request for your password to be reset by Ms. Warren. The new password will be forwarded to and distributed by Mr. Wang and you should change it immediately. Your physical presence is to prevent fraudulent activities.

Q: Today is the first day of the registration period. I would like to sign up for classes as soon as possible but the system does not allow me to register until 3 days later. Is there anything wrong with my account?

A: The Registrar’s Office assigns registration time ticket for each student. According to the above page, “Time ticket assignment is based on earned hours.” Since new students have earned 0 credit hours, it is typical that their registration time ticket is for a later period. Just try to register early during your assigned registration time period.

Q: I have a registration hold on my account for incomplete documents.  How do I submit my final undergraduate transcript and degree documents?

A: When transcripts or degree documents are incomplete in your student file, a hold will be placed on your registration; it must be cleared or deferred before you are allowed to register.  You will need to submit your final transcript and degree certifications (native language and English) to us before the end of the first semester.  These documents must be official/sealed.

If you applied to the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program when you were a senior undergraduate student, the Graduate Admissions Office typically only has the transcripts reflecting the first 3 years of your undergraduate studies. Please submit your final, official transcripts and degree documents (unopened native language and English versions) to the GT-Shenzhen office in Atlanta (see Contact Us page) by July 15 to clear the hold on your registration.

Arrangements will be made to allow new students to take GT courses during the first semester. However, it is the students’ responsibility to submit all required academic documents to ensure that registration holds are removed permanently after the first semester.  You may either bring them to GT-Shenzhen or have them sent to Ms. Warren (Contact Us).

Q: If I participate in an internship during a GT-Shenzhen semester, will my transcripts show such experience?

A: For the semester that you engage in an internship, you can register on OSCAR for the COOP 6012 course that does not charge any tuition. Your transcripts will indicate “Graduate Co-op” for that semester. To be eligible, your internship must last at least 14 weeks and it must be relevant to your major. Since this involves quite a bit of paperwork and coordination among three different GT offices, internship students who wish to register for the graduate co-op course must declare the intention of doing so by the last day of classes in the semester prior to the internship semester.

Q: I am accepted into the MS degree program at GT-Shenzhen. Can I study at GT-Atlanta for a period of time?

A: Yes; you can exchange to GT-Atlanta, subject to certain conditions.

Q: I would like to spend the last semester at GT-Atlanta as an exchange student. How do I apply for the exchange?

A: First, read the conditions of exchange. Contact the GT-Shenzhen Director Prof. Zhou approximately 4 months before the start of the exchange semester indicating that you have met the exchange criteria. You will provide some basic information needed for the DS-2019 request form to the GT-Shenzhen Director, as well as a bank statement showing sufficient financial resources to pay for your visit to Atlanta. If the bank statement is in the name of a family member, you will need to provide a signed statement in English and Chinese from the sponsor indicating his/her willingness to support you. From that point on, expect to receive the DS-2019 form in approximately one month’s time. You will then use the DS-2019 form to apply for J-1 visa at the US Embassy or a US Consulate.

Q: What are the advantages of taking the ECE PhD preliminary exam while I am in the MS degree program?

A: Students who pass the ECE PhD preliminary exam have a higher success rate of securing a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) position at GT-Atlanta, if they wish to pursue PhD studies there. After enrolling in the GT ECE PhD program, students who have passed the ECE PhD prelim exam in the MS phase will not need to take the prelim exam again. Check the ECE Graduate Handbook for additional details.

Q: I will be in school the fall, spring, and summer semesters to finish the GT MS ECE degree. How many chances do I have to pass the prelim exam?

A: ECE PhD prelim exams are offered during March (spring semester) and October (fall semester) of each year. Students admitted into the graduate program as M.S. students and wish to become Ph.D. students are allowed to take the preliminary examination while in the M.S. program. However, students classified as Ph.D. at the time of admission must pass the Ph.D. Preliminary Examination within their first four semesters (not counting the summer) in the program. All Ph.D. students are permitted three opportunities to take the exam while enrolled in the ECE graduate program at Georgia Tech.

Q: I plan to join the GT-Shenzhen program in the fall semester and complete the MS ECE degree the following fall semester. How many chances do I have to pass the prelim exam?

A: ECE PhD prelim exams are offered during March (spring semester) and October (fall semester) of each year. Based on your program plan, you will have three chances to take the prelim exam – during the first October, the next March, and the second October. Even if you will be spending a semester doing internship, you can still participate in the prelim exam that semester. Note that if you fail the prelim all 3 times, you will not be eligible to apply to the GT ECE PhD program any more, now or in the future.

Q: I plan to take the ECE PhD Preliminary Exam. On the prelim exam registration form, I am asked to select a primary area of interest for PhD research. Does it have to be the area that I entered in my ECE graduate application? Does it affect how I should complete the MS Coursework Form?

A: The area that you select on the PhD prelim exam registration form and the area(s) that you indicated on the ECE Graduate Application form do not have to be identical; both are for information and planning purposes and are not-binding. They do not affect how your MS Coursework Form should be completed.

Q: What is the format of the ECE PhD preliminary exam?

A: It is a 4-hour, closed book, closed notes exam on undergraduate materials. The exam consists of 24 problems; each student must select 8 problems to work on and submit for grading. Students are only permitted to bring pencils, pens, eraser, and a basic scientific calculator – trigonometric and log functions can be used but the calculator must not have programming modes. The passing score for the preliminary exam is 65 out of 100. Be sure to read the preliminary exam study guide.

All students who take the preliminary exam will have to choose one of two exam options: CompE or EE. Each of the two options will consist of a core, which is a set of 4 fixed classes, and electives, which is a set of 4 classes that the student chooses to work.Each student will receive a total of 24 problems and choose if they are CompE or EE option after seeing the exam. Each student will turn in 8 problems: all 4 core problems for the chosen option, plus 4 electives that they choose from the remaining pool. The choice of electives can be made from the other core (for instance, if a student chooses EE core, they can work one or more of the CompE core problems as electives).

Q: Will the GT College of Computing (CoC) recognize my ECE PhD prelim exam results?

A: No. Doctoral programs at the CoC have an entirely different set of requirements.

Q: How do we transition from the GT-Shenzhen MS ECE program to the GT-Atlanta ECE PhD degree program?

A: First, pass the ECE PhD prelim exam at the earliest opportunity. Keep your GT GPA high (minimum GPA of 3.5 is required for the PhD program). Approximately 6-9 months before the start of your planned PhD studies at GT-Atlanta, you can contact selected professors to inquire about Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) opportunities. If any professor agrees to sponsor you, please inform the GT-Shenzhen Office about the GRA arrangement.  You will need to fill out a simplified internal application for the ECE PhD program. After that application is accepted, we will arrange for the ECE Graduate Office and the Registrar’s Office to switch your campus from GT-Shenzhen to GT-Atlanta, once you have completed your GT MS ECE degree. Your I-20 form will be requested at that time.

Q: I have completed two semesters of coursework at GT-Shenzhen and have passed the ECE PhD prelim exam. I have contacted a GT-Atlanta professor and received a GRA offer from him to study for the PhD. Can I transfer to GT-Atlanta now?

A: Most professors offer the GRA position because the student will come in with the GT MS degree. If all parties are “on the same page” regarding the student’s qualifications and intentions, the student can transfer to GT-Atlanta with the J-1 (not F-1) visa, as an Exchange Student.

Q: If I pass the ECE PhD preliminary exam, earn the GT ECE MS degree, and begin my GT ECE PhD studies at a later date, do I have to take the preliminary exam again?

A: Currently, there is not an expiration date for the PhD preliminary exam results so you will not need to take the exam again once you have passed it.

Q: I see many courses listed for the “video” campus. Can GT-Shenzhen students sign up for any of those video courses?

A: In order to manage costs and ensure adequate staffing for exam proctoring etc, only selected video courses are made available to GT-Shenzhen students. Those video courses will have a section code QSZ (Q for video, SZ for Shenzhen) and will be announced on the GT-Shenzhen website. When you login to OSCAR during the Phase I or Phase II registration period, you will only be able to see RSZ (Shenzhen on-site) and QSZ (video to Shenzhen) courses. All GT courses are coded with campus restrictions – Shenzhen and video (distance learning) are separate campuses.

Q: I am really interested in a particular video course that is taught from GT-Atlanta. Can I request for it to be added to the GT-Shenzhen video course offerings?

A: If at the end of the Phase I registration period, the video campus section (section Q) has at least 5 students registered for the course, we can consider adding a Shenzhen video section (section QSZ) to the GT-Shenzhen course offerings. However, the decision is subject to the approval of the course instructor, as well as GT-Shenzhen fund availability.

Q: How do video course students turn in homework and exam papers?

A: Students should upload the electronic or scanned version of their homework to their account in T-square. You can use the scanner found in any GT-Shenzhen office. Remember to include a cover sheet to each homework assignment. The GT-Shenzhen office scans all exam papers and submits to DLPE.

Q: How do I get the textbooks?

A: We will announce courses and the corresponding textbooks for the following year as early as possible but usually no later than 3 months in advance. You can comparison shop for textbooks at many online vendors such as and have the books shipped to you. You may also find in China, international editions of some of the textbooks that we use. For example, you may check with the following book
If international edition of the textbook is not available, the program will provide 1-2 copies of the textbook to be placed on reserve at GT-Shenzhen. Please note that copyright policy from the Board of Regents must be followed.

Q: When applying to a position with Company Y, I am asked to provide enrollment or degree verification. I followed the link on the GT Registrar’s website to the National Student Clearinghouse, entered my information, but was given an error message. How do I obtain an enrollment or degree verification?

A: The US social security number (SSN) is needed to use the Clearinghouse Student Self-Service. Since GT-Shenzhen students do not have the US SSN, the verification will have to be requested by using the Verification Request Form found on the Registrar’s website. Check “Certification of Degree” or “Certificate of Enrollment” under the “Type of Verification” field. For “Special Instructions”, indicate that you are a GT-Shenzhen student, you do not have the SSN, and thus cannot request enrollment verification online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Click here for a sample completed enrollment verification request form.

Q: I will be applying for summer internship program. I have already requested the Certificate of Enrollment on the GT Registrar’s website; however the program has a special form of their own that is also required.  What do I do?

A: Please submit the form, with instructions on where it should be sent (and the deadline) to

Q: What is the recommended GT course load per semester?

A: If summer will be your last semester and you plan to exchange to GT-Atlanta during that semester, you should take 4 courses each in the two previous semesters and take 2 courses during the GT-Atlanta summer semester. For other scenarios, we recommend that you take courses according to one of the following patterns: 3-3-4 or 3-4-3 or 4-3-3. In any case, the number of courses should add up to 10, and the course combination should enable you to meet the MS ECE degree requirements. Even though you are used to taking 7-8 courses per semester as an undergraduate student, GT courses are fast-paced and are challenging because they are taught in English.

Q: I have received low grades in some of the courses. Can I repeat the courses and substitute with new grades?

A: You can re-take any course, but both the old and the new grades will stay on the transcript and enter into the GPA calculation.

Q: My term GPA is low and I have received a “warning” status on my transcript. If my performance improves next term, will the word “warning” disappear from my transcript?

A: As a Masters student, if your term GPA and your overall GPA rise above 2.7 (out of 4.0) the next semester, you will be considered in good academic standing and you will not receive a warning status for that semester, but the word “warning” will remain on the transcript for the term that your GPA was deficient.

Q: Some of my course grades are low and I am worried about not being able to graduate. Can I take more courses to make up?

A: Yes, you can take more than the minimum required number of courses for your degree. By taking more courses, you allow yourself the possibility of raising your GPA (you will need to gauge yourself, how much GPA improvement you can possibly achieve). You should use your best set of courses for your degree petition, assuming that the combination of those courses meet the degree requirement. You can omit certain courses from your degree petition, but all course grades will appear on your transcript. The program tuition assumes that each student takes a total of 10 courses; additional tuition will be assessed if you take more than 10 courses in total.

Q: I have over-committed this semester and wish to drop a course. How do I do that?

A: First, discuss your situation with the GT-Shenzhen Director Prof. Zhou. Dropping a course is only possible before the official drop date for the semester as specified on the Georgia Tech calendar. Once Prof. Zhou has discussed with you the consequences of the course drop and how you may make up for the lost credit hours, you can drop the course via your student account on OSCAR.



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